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Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Play is a common need among all Children,which i s also a means of learning about and getting to know the world better. Play is essential to all aspect of a child's development.
               Denying a child the right to play is to deny he/she the right to live and develop,as play concerns with the whole of child's being.It boost cognitive development as thinking abilities are stretched;It involves physical activity. It helps children work through emotions; it's inventive nature makes it creative.
                 Further more, play is an event through which children socialise with their peers.It is a platform that help children to assimilate and integrate their life experiences. It is a necessity for healthy and balance development of a child.
                    On the other hand, It is important for teachers and other early childhood workers to be aware of the different types of play and to recognise that children develop increasing social and cognitive skills as they progress.specially,this awareness helps set appropriate expectations for children. For example ,infants needs suitable objects, space and time for observation, manipulation and exploration, which enable them to learn about the properties of their environment.

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