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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Similar Needs Among Children

Chiildren who grow up in a nurturing environment are generally wonderfully engaging and winning in life because of the freshness with  which  they approach all experiences. They possess a sense  of trust that the world and the people in it are friendly and kind, and they approach the world with joy and enthusiasm. It is important to expose children to the right kind of information especially in their first few years of life as this is unparalleled in their later learning. As it is  the  time of zest and liveliness towards acquiring skills and knowledge. Children need an environment in which their enthusiasm is nurtured  and sustained rather than subdued or even destroyed. Lack of nurturing and stimulating environment cause children to lose sense of freshness and the enjoyment for learning. This is why the importance of engaging in developmentally appropriate practise cannot be over emphasized in order not to batter their eagerness with developmentally inappropriate experience. It is important for early childhood workers to be  sensitive in understanding  the characteristics needs of children.
                     Children need sensory experiences that stimulate  and broaden their mental capacity.They need to develop a special bond with a small number of significant adults who are positive , responsive and predictable. In other words,they need to have  numerous, repeated positive experiences on which to create templates of what the world is like.Through such experiences, young children develop a picture of the world and build a special bond which is intimately linked to safety.When young children do not experience, especially consistent and predictable care, they cannot fully develop that build In template for relationships.They do not  have that special one or two people who deeply care about about them.They may never feel fully safe because they have not develop a strong, trusting relationship with someone they can totally rely on.such children grow up only to relate with others on shallow level,as they never experience deep relationship. Lack of strong , secure attachment to at least one caring adult result in children growing up to live an uneasy or stressful life because needs were never satisfactorily met.

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