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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Child Disability Discrimination

Discrimination is an unequal treatment a person or group of people receive based on personal characteristics. It is an act of treating certain individual (non-disabled) as the standard for normal living and as superior to the disabled.
             Child disability discrimination is the denial of equality to a child base on his/her impairment. Children with certain disability are often denied equal opportunity with their non-disabled peers. For instance , most schools fail to consider children with special need the right kind of services when organising activities in a nursery settings.This makes children with special needs to feel discriminated.schools need to set up their play ground with facilities that disabled children can also play with as this will help them in developing a positive self image like every other person.
                Further more, Referring to a child base on their disability is also a form of discrimination. For example we often  hear things like; The deaf man that live down the street, that boy with hearing impairment, the girl on glasses  , the list goes on.The most important about that girl on glasses might be that she loves mathematics, and she's one of the best in her class. But focusing on one or only the negative feature of a child is rather too narrow.
                    Remember we all matter and we can have an influence in combating discriminatory behaviour. Let us challenge disability discrimination with assertiveness. Example,you can say:I felt really uncomfortable when you ask me to give water to the boy with hearing impairment, I felt I needed to know his name,because iam worried that I might stop seeing him as a person if I just think of him as "the boy With hearing impairment. 
                       Everyone is important ,both disabled and non-diabled ,we all have what to contribute in order yo make the world a better place because God created everyone equal with various capability. Let us look at children beyond their impairment but the person and potential that lies in that disfigured body.With love we shall conquer every form of discrimination.

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