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Monday, April 15, 2019

Children are unique

Every. Child is unique and deserve to be loved and treated accordingly
          The most important thing about a child is not how he/she looks or the extent of their learning impairment, but that he/she is a person.And just as every person in the world  is of worth so is every child.
            Our mental image of each child is portrayed by the way we behave and talk to them,and this affect their sense of self worth which in turns influence the adult they grow up to become.
                 Children ability to define themselves involves a power that lies outside them, they tend to believe and accept what the adult around them say they are,through their own culturally clouded vision. Remember God's word is the only standard for training and bringing up a child.This is because most of the times, our own world exist only in our heads and in the cultural institutions we have built to support them.
                     Further more, we often limit children to our image of what we think they can do,and this holds them back in development. We all have good intentions towards children, the difference is in the approach. Every method of training a child might fail,but love never fails because God is love.With love we will raise a generation we all shall be proud of. Love conquers all...

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