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Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Children have many characteristics in common and also share the basic needs for acceptance, consistency,respect,and suitable challenges .Moreover, there are many differences among children. Though falling within the regular range of development, each child possesses a unique blend of attributes that makes each of them a unique entity. The  uniqueness of a child is a reflection of both inherited and external factors that molds who they are.
         Some children are born with an easy going temperament for instance, they have a moderate activity level,predictable schedule of sleeping and eating habit,and a positive attitude towards life,curious about new experiences. Other children have more difficult temperament ,for instance they are easily irritated, unpredictable and more difficult to pacify. Although children are born with various temperamental characteristics, which gradually tend to affect the adult around them such that parent and  teachers refer to some children as "difficult" or "easy" this cause them to reinforce their behavioral traits. Adult perception of children contribute to children's self perception.
            Children personality is also shaped by cultural, economic, ethnic and religious background of the family. It is important that early childhood teachers and caregivers be  sensitive to family diversity and genuinely value different cultures and background of a Child .Children mirror their primary environment-their home and family as the best which is appropriate. If teachers consciously or unconsciously denigrate what a child experience and what they learn at home they will convey that their family and the child inclusive is some way inferior and undesirable. And this would have a detrimental impact on the child self-concept.Words may not literally break a persons bones,but they are powerful weapons that can leave psychological scars as surely as sticks and stones can leave physical scars. Instead if using our words to  defame,demean or degrade individuals (children) ,Let us use them to encourage, respect and appreciate.As no one is inferior, and everyone deserve to be treated with dignity and respect as other members of the society.

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