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Thursday, April 18, 2019


One common factor all children share is the need to feel good and important .children form their self concept from how the important people in their life treat and respond to them. This result in either positive or negative self image .Which go a long way in defining them in terms of ;competence worthwhile, effective or on the other hand incapable, unlikeable and powerless. It is important to note that children who feel good about themselves seem to be more friendly and kind towards people around them.
                 A vital self concept is a necessity in all areas of children development. A child's ability to study ,assimilate and  mastery of new learnings also depends on a child's feelings of competence and ability to meet challenges. A child's competence shows that that he/she  believes on his/her ability to succeed in an given task.which results in self confidence that ,in turn boost self-esteem.Therefore, appropriate yet challenging experiences boost a child's confident, capability and successful feeling.
                   Furthermore, when a child feel that what happens to them is completely out of their hands, particularly if things do not always go in their best interest, they cannot develop a good sense of control and as a result , they tend to see themselves as incompetence and helpless. Every child deserves opportunity to make appropriate choices and exercise autonomy in order to develop the perception that they have control, which adds to their emerging sense of responsibility for their own action.
                   The childhood years are crucial in the development of self-concept since it is form and stabilized early in life and becomes resistant to changes.Above all,children positive concept of themselves is a reflection of a healthy parent-child relationship founded on love,trust and consistency. Thus,teachers, guardian and adults in the children world contribute to their self concept formation.
                    For the environment to support the development of healthy self -esteem it must contain recognition and acceptance of children for who they are.The recognition and acceptance should not be based on the condition that they must first conform to a prescribed standard of behaviour or conduct. Unconditional recognition and acceptance given in the form of support allow children to reach their ultimate potential. Remember no one is born with low self-esteem it developed through the years of childhood by what they are told and how we make them to feel about themselves.Whether you have children or not ,you can make a difference in a child's view of his/her self.

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