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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Attitudes That Encourage Creative Environment For Children.

Creativity is related to flexibility ,divergent thinking and openness to new ideas.Young children's minds Strive towards making sense of their world by organising information and input.Once they become familiar with and master new concepts, they are free to use these in various ways.If we use what we learn in only one way, we are limited and rigid in our approach. Flexible or creative thinking is a mind set that can be encouraged in an open classroom atmosphere. A creative environment promotes new perception of and responses to the world.
                          Creativity has to be nurtured as it does not happen on it's own.The parent and teachers play a Major role in fostering creativity by providing a variety of materials and encouraging imaginative use of them..When children are allowed creative expression, they all turn out to be creative in their own unique way.acceptance of a child's uniqueness in work and responses gives them the opportunity to learn that people feel and think differently and that this is alright and valued.
                           Creativity, however, does not always result in a product,though we traditionally tend to think of the picture, story or dance as the creative product.But it is the process as much as the product that is important for young children. In the process they experiment , communicate,Relieve experiences and work out fear.
                          Helping children to solve problems also fosters creativity. Accepting children's suggestion and willingness to try tells them that they are capable of worthwhile ideas.Another way of encouraging children creative work is through uncritical acknowledgment. Well intentioned praise (like your picture) can  stifle creativity because it imposes a valued judgment.

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