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Monday, May 06, 2019

Factors That Influences Differences Among Children

Genetic Makeup: This influences the differences in children. Each child is a combination of genes  which contributes to the nature of every human trait from the color of the eyes to the general intelligence and creativity of an individual. Gene influences the  child's hair color,height,body shape and rate of growth.

 Environment; The effect of the world on herited genes also play a role in child differences. The not number and kinds of experiences children have affect how they develop.The attitudes with which children are raised, their culture, socioeconomic status,the kinds of care giving they experience, and their community combine in countless ways to affect a child's growth. Irrespective of where a child lives,environmental factors interact with genes to create a single, unique person .
                 That small boy /girl under your care and tutorage is a sum total of the physical, intellectual, social,and emotional factors of home and heredity. What nature provides is to be shaped and bend  by the world. "The limit of intelligence is fixed by genetics,but the actual intelligence achieved reflects the diverse environment.

 Rate Of Growth; Each child has an individual inner mechanism for monitoring growth. It is a timetable that varies from child to child. Each child grows and learn at a given time , which may or may not coincide with the rest of his /her peers.This difference must be respected.
                     Though the rate varies,the sequence remain the same for all children, even those who are disabled. Physical development tends to be from head downward reason newborn baby's head is larger compare to the rest of the body parts.The age which certain changes occurs is not as important as the sequence in which it happens.The important thing to remember is that children will exhibit markedly different behaviors in the period of one short year.prepare for this times and appreciate them as a normal course of event for the growing child.

 Sex And  Race Differences; Girls and boys differ in both the rate and pattern of development. This is especially true in adolescence. African American and Asian children seem to have a more rapid tempo of growth than the white children, and children who are raised at poverty level develop more slowly than others.

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