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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Gene Factor in behavioural disturbance

A number of factors,which could be genetically,environmental or a combination of both causes behavioural/emotional disturbance.Let us examine gentic factor closely.

Genetic Factors; Although there is no consensus as to whether the heredity make-up of the Child can predispose him/her to behaviour problems there is research that shows it.Brain damage for instance, has been identified as the cause of different deviation like hyperactivity and perceptual motor problem. Thus Ruther et all (1970) in Odoemela (1994) indicated that children with organic brain disorder are more likely to develop deviant behaviour.
                                  Behaviour disorder has also been ascribed to chromosomal abnormalities. Infact , a situation of extreme genetic abnormality called phenylketonuria (PKU) ( in which the gene that produces a critical enzyme us missing) can result in mental retardation if not treated soon after birth.It is important to note that genes determine hereditary transmission and therefore any gene related accident during per-and post- natal period could lead to behaviour problems.Therefore hereditary make-up of of an individual can predispose  him/her to behaviour problems.

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