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Monday, May 20, 2019

Effect Of School Environment On Child's Development

The environment in which a child is brought up has a direct effect on how a child interact with with his/her peers and the society at large. Various environment influence children's development, we want to look at the effect of school environment on children development.                                                                                                                                            A school environment is to be designed with a child's needs and development in mind.It should provide space for personal belongings and promote competence by allowing children to function independently. In addition, the environment should convey a sense of  security and comfort through a friendly, warm and inviting atmosphere.
          Children are more productively involved in activities when the purpose of classroom spaces is clearly defined and when materials are developmentally appropriate. Children are also more likely to follow classroom rules when the environment reinforces them:for instance, if it is important for reason of safety that children are not allowed to run inside classroom, furnishing should be arranged  in a way that makes walking rather than running natural.
           Positive peer interaction is promoted when children are not in a congested environment.playground stocked with materials that are socially oriented fosters cognitive development by providing opportunity for children to classify,find relationship, measure, compare,match,sort and label.It also enhance both fine and gross motor development through a range of appropriately challenging equipment and materials. A child's ability to confidently and competently use an equipment boost his/herself sense of independent.
                Classroom environment must encourage basic motor skills and sensory experiences new sounds, texture and surfaces. A soft and leveled surface offers stability and comfort while shady spaces protect babies tender skin.It must allowed for a wide range of movement, stimulate the sense;offer novelty, variety and challenge; and be safe and comfortable. The creative environment is not just made up of the physical arrangement, but it must be permeated by an attitude of openness, acceptance and encouragement.

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