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Friday, June 28, 2019

Discourage Suicide By Your Action

Suicide is a deliberate act of taking one's life.It could be as a result if depression, personality disorder, financial difficulties, bullying ...the list goes on.people tend to commit suicide in order to escape pain or suffering. Majority of people at some point in life think about suicide, this does not means that the person  is going crazy but rather,thinking about suicide is often  a sign that he/she wants to escape an unpleasant circumstance. There are different methods to employ to feel better. Remember, you are not the only one through similar situation.
Talk to a family member,trusted friend if not,you can still see a doctor, counselor or a psychologist.
Ways To Protect Oneself From Suicidal Thoughts:
*Do what truly makes you happy
*Spend time with friends and love ones
*Laugh and have fun.
Be responsible for your own happiness.
People who die by suicide do not necessarily want to kill themselves, they want to get rid of unwanted situations in their lives.When they dk not know what to do,and suicide seem the only way to stop their pain they opt for it.
 How To Reduce Suicide Rate
             Childhood is the best time to sow seeds against suicide ,not necessarily by telling a child not to attempt the act in which you and know that they have no idea about it.We make our wards to understand earlier in life that there are times life hit hard on us,there are times we would not get we want the time we want, that it does not means that we won't ever get it ,but that there is time for everything. Moreover ,it is high time we stop telling our wards only how much we could achieve at their age,how we never failed exams,at your age I was already married, at your age I had dine this and that, but also  the challenges we overcame, the mistakes we made and some of our expectations that never came through. By so doing, when they encounter difficulty in life ,the manner of approach would be different, they will see it as one of those things that one must pass through in life, and also they would make reference to how their parent once experience similar situation and came out if it.
                 Flaunting only our achievement to the younger generation is  doing more harm than good to our youngsters and the society at large,as they tend to feel  there is a whole lot that is wrong with them when face difficulty in life since they feel no one has ever experience similar circumstance .We all have a part to play in order to curb if not completely put an end to the alarming rate of suicide in our society.

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