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Thursday, August 22, 2019


                     INFANCY AND TODDLERHOOD(Birth To 3years)

Physical Development

  • Rapid height and weight gains
  • Neurons grow and form interconnections in the brain, some functions have " critical   periods" for normal development.
  • Infants wiggle,push upward, sit up ,crawl and eventually walk.
  • Infant reach, grasp ,and pick up small objects.
  • Vision is 20/20 by 6 months, with dept perception and recognition of patterns, faces, shapes, and colors.
  • Infants hear a wide range of frequencies. Localize sound, and make sound distinctions that underlie language development.
Cognitive Development:
  • Infants begin to understand object permanence and "experiment" with physical world.
  • Use of representations and symbols begins
  • Information processing speed increases
  • Language develops rapidly through prelinguistic communication (babbling), use of single words to stand for whole ideas (holophrases) and telegraphic speech.                        

Social/Personality Development
  • Infants exhibit different temperamental and cavity levels
  • Facial expression appear to reflect emotions; facial expression of others are understood.
  • Toddler begin to feel empathy
  • A style of attachment to others emerges.

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