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Friday, August 23, 2019

3rd Stage Of Child Development

               PRESCHOOL PERIOD (3 to 6 years)

Physical Development

  • Height and weight continue to increase rapidly
  • The body becomes less rounded, more muscular.
  • The brain grows larger, neural interconnection continue to develop and lateralization emerges
  • Gross and fine motor skills advance quickly children can throw and catch balls, run,use fork and spoon and tie shoelaces.
  • Children begin to develop handedness.                                                                                 
Cognitive Developments

  • Children show egocentric thinking (viewing the world from their own perspective) and " concentration" a focus on only one aspect of stimulus.
  • Memory, attention span,and symbolic thinking improve, and intuitive thought begins
  • Language (sentence length, vocabulary, syntax, and grammar) improves rapidly.

Social/Personality Development

  • A sense of gender identity emerges
  • Children begin to see peers as individual and form friendship base on trust and shared interest.    

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