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Monday, August 26, 2019


The term 'Communication' has various meanings depending on the context in which it is used. To some, communication is the interchange of information between two or more people; in other words the exchange of ideas or thought. This kind of communication uses methods such as talking and listening or writing and reading. However, painting dancing, story telling are also methods of communication. Thought are conveyed to other not only by spoken or written words but also by gesture or body actions.
                        Communication can be defined as the exchange of  information through verbal or nonverbal means between two or more people. Communication helps to simple transfer of information to the establishment of relationships between parents and children, and this relationship is founded upon effective communication skill.
                         Effective communication skill is a vital tool in parenting as human beings primarily influence others through communication. The verbal and nonverbal messages exchanged in parental relationship determine, to a large extent, the structure and feelings in children. Indeed ,the wide existence and the well being of a child are dependent on communication, because the effective component of life cannot be separated from biological component.
# parenting is an interaction between parents and children.
And the process of human interaction occur through communication.

# For parents to be effective in their interactions, they must have good communication skills.
They must be aware of what their words and body language are saying to their ward.

# As role models, parents must be effective in both verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

# The bonding between parents and children is a function of the communication process between them .
Because the ultimate goals of parents are to help their children to maximize their God given potential for His kingdom and to actualize their dreams to their very best abilities.

# The quality of communication between parents and children is, therefore, an essential determinant of the success of the entire family.
As mutual goals cannot be defined or achieved in the relationship without effective communication that positively influences the emotions of both parents and children in the family.


  1. Nice article! I agree, communication with children is so very important. I always try to explain things thoroughly to my children. Sometime, putting a reason behind an action makes it make sense to little minds!

    1. It's true ,but I believe it should be done all the time because young minds are so sensitive to things happening around them while growing up as such ,a little loop hole may cause a huge damage.

  2. It's important to communicate with kids as this way we can connect better with them

  3. Very important topic! I wrote several posts about how important communication is ! thanks for sharing this !

  4. This is so important, how we communicate with our kids can really set the tone for our relationships with them.

  5. So true! However something that I'm sometimes guilty od, especially after a grueling day at work. And when I get home I just want to throw myself on the bed.

  6. I totally agree. Communication is so important for the success and betterment of the family, especially with the children.

  7. How important is this and such a drastic departure from the way things were done 3 to 4 decades ago. www.poolTalknews.com

  8. Communication is the key to success in any relationship. And most importantly in parent-child relationship.

  9. Communication is so incredibly important, especially between a parent-child relationship.

  10. So important and relevant topic. Communication between parents and children seems to be decreasing nowadays.

  11. If you listen to your kids when they are small, they will share everything with you when they get old :)

  12. Totally agree!! Communication is key to so many aspects of our lives. I think this has wider application than parenting.

  13. I strongly believe that parenting is possible only by being a role model. Anything else does not work.