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Friday, August 30, 2019

Effect of Emotions and Self-Esteem In parent child communication.

Emotions and Self-Esteem: Most people have experienced overwhelming joy or sorrow that is difficult to express in words. Anger may produce loud, profane vocalizations or controlled speechlessness. Fright may produce screams of terror or paralyzed silence.
     # Emotions also affect a persons ability to interpret messages. Large parts of a message may not be heard , or the message may be misinterpreted when the receiver is experiencing strong emotion. This situation occurs frequently in parenting. For example, the child feeling great fear may not remember all the instructions offered by parents.
         # self-esteem also influences communication patterns. People with high self-esteem communicate honestly with confidence, and with congruence (agreement or coinciding) between verbal and nonverbal messages .For example children with high self-esteem accept instruction and correction better than those with low self-esteem as the later easily feel being attacked and not loved. Reasons why it is of necessity to instill healthy amount of self confidence in children as it boost self-esteem.

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