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Tuesday, August 27, 2019


# Developmental Stage

As individuals grow and develop, language and communication skills develop through various stages. It is important for parents to understand the developmental process related to speech, language and communication skills. Knowledge of the child's developmental stage enables parents to select appropriate communication strategies. For example, when communicating with;

  • Infants and toddlers whose language skills are not well developed, parents tend to rely on the child's nonverbal communications to assess comfort and pain.The parent may decide to hold the child and use touch to provide comfort and demonstrate caring.
  • Older children, parents may use pictures as an adjunct to verbal language to communicate.
  • Adolescent, parents are able to rely on verbal language for communication.
  • Impaired children, (hearing impaired) It may be more effective to use visual communication methods. (Visually impaired), aural communication methods.
It important for parents to note that the intellectual processes develop across the life span as people acquire knowledge and experience.

*The knowledge and experiences that children have influence on their understanding and acceptance of transmitted information and feelings.


 Males and females tend to communicate differently. They may give different meanings to transmitted information or feelings. This may be the result of differences during psychological development, because boys use communication to establish independence and negotiate status within a group, whereas girls use communication to seek confirmation, minimize differences, and establish or reinforce intimacy.

  • It is important that parents, when working with children of opposite gender, be aware that the same communication may be interpreted differently by a male and female child.

Values and perception

Communication is influenced by the values people hold about themselves, others, and the world in which they live.Likewise children they have values base on what they see,hear,their own little experiences and characteristics ,children who hold different values may send,receive, and interpret messages differently.

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