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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

First stage Of Child Development

Parental period(conception to birth)


Germinal stage(Fertilization to 2weeks)

  • Cells devide rapidly
  • Zygote attaches to uterine wall

Embryonic stage(2weeks to 8weeks)

  •  Major organs and body system grow

Fetal stage(8weeks to birth)

  •  Major organs become differentiated.
  •  Fetus kicks and clenhes fist, hears sounds outside the uterus
  •  Health can be affected by mother's diet, health, age or substances use.
  •  Reflexes emerge.


  • Intelligence is partly determined,and  some psychological disorder may take root.
  • Cognitive functions can be affected by tobacco, alcohol use by mother.
  • Some personality traits are partly determined genetically (e.g neuroticism, extroversion)
  • Drug  and alcohol use by mother can lead  to irritability, difficulty dealing with multiple stimuli, and difficulty forming attachment in the Child.        

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