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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Self Analysis

Man's greatest mystery is man himself.Self is the sum total of all that one call one's .In order to know one's self  there should be three person ,which include

  • One is the individual concerned
  • Other is the individual enquiring about oneself
  • And the objectivity of one evaluating oneself.
The self is made of series of experiences.The concept of self is form by the behaviour of others toward oneself, which has it's root from childhood.Man is object for others but subject for oneself.Self concept is really is a social concept and other people are the standard against which emerging self is measured and defined.The self concept that stands a test of time is therefore the amalgamation of

  •  Perception of our parents gave us 
  • The role that we learned to play with peers
  • Record of success and failures
  • Our notion of what rewards we deserve 
Self behaviour has to do with actions ,activities,verbal and nonverbal communication ,It'seffectiveness is not only the function of skill and abilities but now best  it can be utilized in different situations in getting the work done from people.It is important for parent/teachers to recognize the need for continual development and to incorporate the concept of as integral part of life .The individual will make effort to project his image only through behaviour.Thebehaviour could be positive or negative response.The positive develops self confidence in the development of that part of  our personality .Negative response disconfirm the understanding of oneself .At time when one feels inadequate ,discomfort ,anxious or tensed up ,it is as a result of anger ,blame,or violence and these are all defensive mechanism that can be termed through self analysis and self assessment.

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