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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Self Development

Self Development: self development is the most effective means of training because of the unsolicited commitment it involve .self development is the core of developmental process .All development is self development .Development is a process of becoming ,it towards the actualization of potentialities .Each stage of development has a specific task such as skills,attitude,understanding which are appropriate to that level of maturity and which society expects an individual to master.The development of individual is ensured when they are able to realized that in developing themselves to meet organisational needs,their own physiological and psychological needs are being fulfilled.The development transform dependence to self -direction,impulsiveness to self discipline,ignorance to knowledge,incompetence to competence,immorality to morality and self confine to concern for self and others.self development is a process which helps to take responsibility for our choices.The first step toward self development is to engage one self in some degree of self analysis.The emphasis is on the following areas.
  1. Need for self development 
  2. Self analysis and job
  3. How to achieve self development .

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