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Tuesday, September 03, 2019



        A person value system is established very early in life and has it's foundations in the value system held by the primary caregivers.It is culturally oriented;It may change with times over the course of lifetime;and it consists of beliefs,attitude,and values.value clarification is one process by which an individual may gain self awareness.
            Values Clarification:This is the ability of a child to understand his/herself with the help of adult around them.It enhances the child's ability to relate satisfactorily with peers.Self awareness requires that we help children to recognize and accept what they value and as well accept the uniqueness and differences in others .This concept is important in a child's every day life.
                Attitudes: An attitude is a frame of reference around which a child organizes knowledge about his/her world.An attitude also has an emotional component, it can be prejudgment and maybe selective and biased all depends on a person's childhood environment.Attitude fulfill the need to find meaning in life and to provide clarity and consistency for the individual.
              Values:Values are abstract standards positive or negative,that present an individual's ideal mode of conduct and ideal goal. Some example of ideal mode of conduct  include seeking truth and beauty, being clean and orderly, and behaving with sincerity, justice, reason, compassion, humility, respect, honor,and loyalty.examples of ideal goal are security, happiness, freedom, equality, ecstasy, fame,and power.
         values differ from attitudes and beliefs in that they are action oriented or action producing. One may hold many attitudes and beliefs without behaving in a way that shows they hold those attitudes and beliefs. For example. A belief becomes a value only when it is acted upon.

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