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Friday, November 15, 2019


Men are developed the same way gold is mine. Several tons of dirt must be removed to get an ounce of gold. " But you don't go into the mine looking for dirt, " you go looking for gold".  That's the exact way to develop a positive, successful child. Look for gold not dirt, the good in every child not the bad. Believe me! Whatever you look out for in a person or situation, is more of what you find. The positive qualities you look for in a child, the more of it you're going to find. " we must look at children around us and ask, what does this child need in order to grow"? Our cultural mind will not proffer  solution neither will a generic formula do. If we don't ask God for wisdom and go for knowledge,  we may find ourselves in the positions of offering things that our children don't need.
             Ernest Campbell, tells an enlightening story:
A woman went to a pet shop  and purchased a parrot to keep  her company. She took her new pet home but returned the next day to report, "   That parrot hasn't said a word yet!"
" Does it have a mirror?"  asked the storekeeper." Parrots like  to be able to see themselves in the mirror." So she bought the mirror and returned home.
        The next day she was back,  announcing that the bird still
 wasn't speaking
          " What about a ladder?" the storekeeper said. " Parrots enjoy walking up and down a ladder." So she bought a ladder and returned home.
          Sure enough, the next day she was back with the same story- still no talk.
         " Does the parrot have a swing? Birds enjoy relaxing on a swing." She bought a swing and went     home.
         The next day she returned to the store to announce the bird had died
 " I'm terribly sorry to hear that,"  said the storekeeper.
           " Did the bird ever say anything before it died?"
            " Yes," the lady replied. " It said, Don't they sell any food down there?'"
Sometimes we are like the lady in the story. We want people (children) to be the best, quite alright! We provide children with all the things some expert say they are suppose to like. However, we never go to God to inquire of what purpose he created the child or what the child really need.
         As you examine positive attitude in children, and determine what each needs, keep in mind these ideas for growth opportunities.

  1.   Expose your child to other positive children but never  compare them.
  2. Provide a secure environment where your child is free to take risk.
  3. Provide your child with a positive and experience mentor if you can't be. 
  4. Provide your child with resource she/she needs. Not what they want.
  5. Spend time and money to train your child. Note, spending time with your child can't be substituted with money.
The idea of building a positive child can be summed up in the poem below by
          Edwin Markham.
            We are blind until we see
            That in the human plan
             Nothing is worth the making
             If it does not make the man ( child).

                Why build these cities glorious
                 If man unbuilt goes
                 In vain we build the world
                 Unless the builder also grows.

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