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Monday, December 23, 2019

Destroyer Enclosed

Chances are  we live in a world whose moral decadence is on the increase and sometimes the thought of what becomes of our children out there makes us scared. Negative vices is on the increase every passing day, and as such it's obvious that our job as parents at home with our children is increasing in difficulty and importance. The big question is how do our children get in contact with these negative information which in turns forms a character.
           According to Dr Watson, president of Dallas Baptist college, in 1940 the top offenses in public schools were as follows: running in hallways, chewing gum, wearing improper clothing (which included leaving shirttail out), making noise, and not putting paper in wastebaskets.
In 1980 the top offenses in public schools were: robbery, assault, personal theft,  drug abuse, alcohol abuse, extortion, etc,. These might as a result of changes in times and conditions. But non of it is a positive change. Which is as a result of wrong input into the child's mind.
             Let's consider this illustration by Zig ziglar in one of his books. " If i were to stand on front of an audience of virtually any of human races, whether it was a sales organization, educators,a patriotic group, or athletes, and advocate drunken orgies, getting high on cocaine, pot, or any other mind bending drugs, they would look at me in stunned astonishment.  If I gave them a sales talk on incest,adultery, homosexuality, necrophilia, bestiality, and even suicide, and nudity, while generously sprinkling four letter words throughout the presentation, there isn't one group of the thousands that would sit still and listen.I'm confident the parents in the audience who knew I was going to be making the same speech to their wards at the local school the next day would move heaven and earth to get my speaking engagement cancelled.
             The sad truth is that these same parents, knowingly or unknowingly, provide their children with money to buy records or cassette recordings that openly advocate those vices earlier mentioned. Music, the lyrics and the tunes,  is major problem for families in today's world. To avoid argument, I challenge you to go to the local record shop, pick up list of the top ten records in both rock and country, get a copy of the lyrics,and read what they say. You will be astounded at what is being encouraged.
              More significantly, the words are of greater effect than if they were to be used as speech as the they are being sung into the minds of the children with beat. As a matter of fact, parents, the odds are great that your children can sing the lyrics of many of these songs. When we consider the fact that our minds works on pictures painted on them by words, then we will be mindful of what we expose our children to, and also, it will make it easier for us to understand why suicide, drug abuse, violence, promiscuity and other vices are on the increase. It's frightening because, a child's mind is conditioned to believe everything. Voltaire said ," Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
             To show us to impact of music, In 1703 Andrew Fletcher made this statement ( as paraphrased by Zig Ziglar), " You write the laws, let me write the music, and I will rule your country. In case you can't make it to the store, here are a few of the lyrics by Zig Ziglar out of the numerous. One rock group has a song about hell being the ultimate party place; you should go there because all your friends will be there. Other songs mock Christianity and,as such blaspheme God. One band has a song that encourages the listener not to listen to his parents or to any authority, just " do your own thing" at anyone's expense. Another well-known hit says you've tried whiskey, and it doesn't help, drugs, and they didn't help, you've tried sex, and that doesn't help. Why not try suicide? The effects of negative music on our children  demands that as  parents, we pay attention to what we expose our children to.
           Moreso, the importance of good music cannot be over emphasized, as it helps in combating negative and immoral input. Parents should make available good music from early childhood days. Great music can lift a person to a height of accomplishment and saves as a source of inspiration. Research shows that beautiful melodies played as background music enhance creativity and provide relaxation and considerable listening pleasure.

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